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Dale Circle is originally from Dayton, Ohio, but spent most of his childhood in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas.  In elementary school, Dale recalls, "I would use the back of my math papers for drawing objects that I observed around me.  In second grade I remember designing my first custom luxury home around a central atrium."

As a pint-sized third grader, Dale's artistic ingenuity captivated a group of judges to give him first prize in a ten-grade poster competition.  Again in high school he won second place in a school-wide poster art contest.

Dale's favorite teacher in junior high, Billy Mack Reed, was an outstanding artist and a great mentor. Mr. Reed taught him valuable methods for seeing and effectively capturing the life around him as art subjects.  He always encouraged Dale in pursuing art.  Dale said, "There was one simple phrase that Mr. Reed told me which has always stuck with me. He said, 'Dale, you have an artistic eyeball'."  Dale loved learning new art styles and proper techniques in all of his art classes, which he took each year from junior high through college at Loma Linda University in southern California.  There he minored in Art along with a major in Architecture.

Throughout his school days, Dale was always creating unique home designs, using Frank Lloyd Wright's work as his inspiration.  While attending college, Dale worked for an Architect as an Architectural Draftsman, drawing sets of plans and elevations for tract homes and commercial buildings. But by the time he left college, President Nixon had declared a national freeze on construction, leaving Architectural offices with no work.  So, needing an income, Dale got into Mechanical Design as his occupation, though his heart was always into architecture, oil painting and fine art photography for expressing his creative ideas.

From early childhood, Dale has always loved traveling to as many states as possible, and eventually he made it to several other countries to discover and photograph diverse regional lifestyles and architecture.

He enjoys exploring off the beaten path along back country roads and side streets of historic towns and villages, to discover the real way of life in various areas of the world.  He intuitively searches around every bend in the road for artistic settings waiting to be portrayed.  His goal is to creatively capture these local habitats and ways of life as unique scenes of art, depicting the beauty that defines the local setting:  the scenery, the regional architecture, the vegetation, the weather and lighting conditions.

Since Dale is a soft-spoken man, he found he can convey his passions far more effectively through his art.  His favorite themes are rural life, back country beauty, details of nature and architectural art.


When meandering through God's creation, his object is to depict scenes which convey the therapeutic exhilaration and peacefulness of the wilderness.

When finding a town or architecture with character, his object is to absorb the viewer into the local environment, to feel the artistry the scene radiates.





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